PowerMark Corporation (PMC) was established in 1996, through an industry-driven process, to promote the manufacture of only the highest quality photovoltaic products through the development and administration of an internationally-accepted product certification process. With the successful implementation of the IEC, IECEE and IECRE programs, PowerMark no longer certifies PV products, but now participates in the IEC programs as the Technical Advisor for the US TAG to IEC TC82.
  • PMC is a not for profit corporation.
  • The Board and Committees are staffed by industry experts from our affiliate organizations.
  • PMC is funded by DOE through NREL to manage the USTAG to IEC TC82.
  • PMC can provide consulting services to those organizations that need technical support in the areas of PV standards, codes, certifications, performance measurements and reliability.
  • Current PowerMark Board Members
    Paul Bender PowerMark Corporation Chairman
    John Wohlgemuth PowerMark Corporation Executive Director & Vice Chairman
    Sumanth Lokanath First Solar Secretary
    Jon Previtali Wells Fargo Treasurer
    Steve Hester Hester PV Consulting Board Member
    Ingrid Repins NREL Board Member
    Michael Bolen EPRI Board Member
    Govindasamy Tamizhmani ASU Board Member
    Alex Mikonowicz PowerMark Board Member

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