Implementing a PV project is a big investment – one you want to be sure will achieve your economic goals. PowerMark Certification assures that the highest standards of product quality are met. Because PowerMark-certified products have been tested and shown to meet national and international standards for reliability and performance, they help give you certainty that your PV project will perform as expected.

Product certification is a formal process that involves an evaluation of the product by an authorized test laboratory following consensus test procedures and a complementary evaluation of the manufacturer’s quality system to establish that checks and balances are in place to assure ongoing product quality. Periodic follow-up inspections and factory visits reinforce the need for ongoing adherence to the stated quality program. Products that successfully meet and maintain all certification requirements are granted the use of the PowerMark label.

What are the benefits of PowerMark Certification?

  • Independent Verification of Product Quality – PV modules must meet the power output requirements stated by the manufacturer. Manufacturers' facilities are required to conform to ISO 9000 series quality standards including specific elements for the manufacture of PV products. Laboratories are required to be accredited to ISO Guide 17025 for the specific tests they conduct.
  • Visible Certification Mark – makes it easy for consumers to find high-quality products they can trust
  • Reduced Cost of Certification for Global Market - PowerMark certification tests and laboratories have reciprocity with international laboratories (including JRC ISPAR, Italy and TUV, Germany), eliminating the need for product testing to multiple standards in multiple countries. Internationally accepted certification systems are an economic benefit to end users and the PV industry.
  • Reduced Cost of PV Product Procurement – Without independent product certification, PV customers must conduct their own individual reviews of each manufacturer’s quality, and the manufacturer must go through a different qualification testing regime for each of its customers. This results in higher costs to both the manufacturer and the purchaser.
  • Comparable Module Ratings – PowerMark certification ensures that the published specifications for products made by different manufacturers will be comparable, making product evaluation and selection transparent to end users
  • Increased Investment in PV Industry – When PV projects meet expectations for performance and reliability, confidence in the PV industry as a whole is strengthened, leading to further industry growth.